Following A Passion

We have a passion for nature photography, all things wild and taking people out to witness what we do as nature photographers. A behind the scenes experience, an opportunity to capture images like us,  an adventure, a nature photography expedition.




Working on capturing birds in flight is very tough especially the smaller ones. It brings on a whole new lot of challenges and techniques that can be applied to many situations when capturing fast moving subjects. You might be wondering how I'm capturing images like these? Its fairly simple and I'm currently working on producing a tutorial on how to capture images like these!  

Backyard birding

I keep on telling friends, family and anyone who shows interest in nature photography that it is amazing what you can come across in your own backyard. I was waiting in the bird hide outside when along came a sharp shinned hawk ambushing a starling. As romantic as nature photography is it also happens to have its darker side. 

What We've Achieved